Who Is Scott Flaten?


I do a lot of things.  First, I'm a husband. Second, I'm a dad to two dancing, singing, twirling, skirt wearing, tornado toddlers, and one "all boy," chunk of a kid.    

When I'm not braiding hair, consulting on skirt colors,  playing trains, or rescuing dolls from the jaws of my vicious Pug, Hot Fudge, I lead the Worship and Creative Arts teams at Bethany Assembly in Adrian, MI.

I'm a songwriter, a pursuer of excellence, a leader of teams, aspiring marathon runner, and hopeless Starbucks drinker.

I have a passion to help people reach their fullest potential-in music, ministry, leadership, family, parenting, and marriage.  I believe that there are many complex problems in the world, but the love of Jesus, expressed through his people,  is the answer to many of them. 

My wife, Alyssa, runs Mosaic Photography.  We love living in Adrian, MI and raising our family.