Don't Set The Bar Too Low

Skill is essential for worship leaders, and worship teams. Our job as worship leaders is to serve our congregations, leading them to worship God, and to help people experience the presence of God.

Skill is not the not the most important element in worship leading, but it is discussed in God’s word:
-When Moses had to find men to oversee the construction of the tabernacle, he didn’t pass around a sign-up list. He chose craftsmen whom God had gifted with “skill and intelligence” (Ex 36:1)
-When David looked for a Levite to lead singing, he picked Kenaniah “because he was skillful at it” (1 Chron 15:22).
-Under divine inspiration, David wrote that musicians are to “play skillfully on the strings” (Psalm 33:3).
-David himself, as king over the people, “guided them with his skillful hand” (Psalm 78:72).
-Paul referred to himself as “a skilled master builder” (1 Cor 3:10).
(References from "Worship Matters" by Bob Kauflin)

Let's set the standard of excellence high in our ministries, and do our best to lead others into the presence of God!