What's Your Volume Philosophy?

Every worship leader should have a volume philosophy.  Beyond just "loud" or "soft",  I would suggest that there's another, better way to think about the volume in your services. 

Here are a couple volume philosophies to think about:

1.  Run the volume soft enough that people can hear each other singing.  This creates a sense of community-that we're all in this together.  As we sing together, we can hear those around us and realize that we're all a family doing life together. 

2.  Run the volume loud enough to create a sense of togetherness with God.  If you run your volume loud enough that people can't hear each other as well, there's more of a sense of individual connection with God in worship as people feel more free to sing out without being heard by everyone around them. The sound envelopes people and creates a space to really connect with God on a more individual level. 

3. Run the volume as a combination of these two. If you want to have a combination of the sense of community and a more individual worship experience, perhaps there could be a section of your worship set where it's just the voices lifting up a chorus with just a guitar or keyboard-allowing people to hear others around them as they lift their praise to God.  A softer, broken down section, or a voices and drums chorus in the middle or end of a worship set can be really effective if done right.  These sections, combined with sections of higher volume can give you the best of both worlds. 

The main idea is that you have though/prayed/talked through why you run the sound the way you do.  Let the volume be something intentional that serves the purpose of your ministry and your church.  Having a clear philosophy takes pressure off of your sound techs as they have a clear understanding of what you as the worship pastor or leader is looking to achieve.