Easter 2015 Spoken Word

Easter 2015 was such an incredible gathering at Evangel! Thanks to all who came and brought people to any one of our 5 services from Friday to Sunday. If you were a part of the services you heard former ELA student Alicia Frohlich give an amazing spoken word during worship. Here’s the text below:

It is the story of a man
Who came
According to plan
The same
Man who was born in a manger
Walked as a stranger
On this earth,
Placed the danger
of our sin on His shoulders
Suffered on the cross and was placed behind the boulders
He was a dead man.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder
And how beautiful this story ends, not with a grave
But with the resurrection of this man to save
Us. See, it was all for us.

It was not that He was weak and gave up that He died
For He cried
Out “Father save me”
And when God did not save Him it was because He was saving us
Took His gaze off His own Son to fix His gaze upon us
It was not that He was weak and gave up that He died
It was that He was strong to not give up that we live
And now this is the most beautiful story ever told.
A stone that rolled
And a man who rose
But not just any man.
The only man who can
See past our sin and into our souls.
Make us whole
And new.

And now I bet you’re asking, “how could this be true?”
See, from the beginning He knew
What it would take to renew
A right relationship between God and you
Something only He could do
So He did.

He undid
Our wrongs, gave us freedom from sin.
Freedom from shame
If we will just call on His name
Because He bore it all on the cross
Brought it to the grave
Defeated it with His death
And left it there when He raised
His head again,

So child of God, raise your head again
Because you are not what you’ve been.
You’ve been reclaimed and renamed,
Not lost but saved
By amazing grace.
With nails He traced
Your name on His hands.
So surely you are not forgotten, in fact He now completely understands
Every temptation and pain,
Sees past every problem and removes every stain.
He has walked through it all Himself and now He walks through it with you.
Took our every wrong to death so He could make us new,
Make the broken whole,
Body mind and soul
Set the captives free
Give the hopeless a song to sing
Death has lost its sting
Because we now share in His life.
He is the Savior of the world
His name is Jesus Christ.

And THIS, my friends, is what you have been waiting for.
Who you have been searching for,
You’ve been knocking on every other door
To find life, but not anymore.
Your life is found in the empty grave and the occupied throne.
And let it be known
He is coming back again.
Only left earth for awhile so He could send
Us His Spirit
Without limit
So we could walk in it.
And share in His glory
That He was dead and raised to life now also becomes our story

If we choose it.
If we choose to receive
This same power for our lives, but its nothing we can achieve.
Only for those who believe
In the hope of His victory
And He has won the victory, both now and forever

So whatever in your life you think is lost or dead
Is actually waiting to breathe with new life instead
Because Christ had the final word, and that’s what He said.

So praise Him for the cross, for His death and sacrifice
Praise Him for His ascension and every breath in new life.
Praise Him for His freedom, Praise Him for His grace,
Praise Him for the day we will see Him face to face.

Hallelujah He is King
Hallelujah He is Christ
Savior of the world,
Sing Hallelujah
Because He is alive.