No Distractions

Our goal as worship leaders and worship teams is to eliminate distractions and point our congregations to focus their attentions and affections on Jesus.  We welcome the presence of God as we play and sing praise to Him, and invite the people in our churches to worship him, too. 

There are a number of things in our gatherings that can distract people from worshiping Jesus.  3 of these areas include:

1. Wrong Notes:  Every worship musician who's ever played in front of anyone ever knows that wrong notes are inevitable.  A vocal 'crack', a missed position, or brain fog can and does happen to us all.  While these missed notes are often forgotten a few seconds after they're played (unless they're live streamed or recorded), they have the potential to distract the people worshiping along with you.  Work to eliminate wrong notes.  Memorize the music until you can play it with your eyes closed. Don't rely on the confidence monitors, but instead ask your singers to memorize the lyrics.  Do your best to eliminate the distraction of wrong notes. 

2. Technical Issues:  the tech teams in your church have some of the most important, yet overlooked jobs.  Without these vital volunteers, there's not lights, sound, or lyrics or images on the screen.  If you've ever had the misfortune of having a projector go out during or right before a service, you've experienced first hand the power of the tech team.    Wrong words on the screen, bad mixes, missed lighting cues, or audio feedback can grab the attention of those in the audience and take away from the impact of what is being presented.

3. On Stage Presentation: As a worship leader, there will be times where you will want to address the people in the audience.  An encouraging word, an exhortation to worship, or at least a couple lines welcoming people to church can be positive interactions, or they can have the opposite effect.  If you need to address the congregation, prepare ahead of time the words and thoughts you want to communicate.  In other words, don't "wing it."  Ask Jesus to direct you as you prepare and pray.  Sometimes the few words you speak have more of an impact than all the songs you sing. 

Let's be leaders that allow the Spirit of God to move in our services.  By eliminating distractions and working to present the best version of our worship sets, our services carry the potential to see lives changed.  Of course, God is gracious and can move through even the sloppiest of presentations, but as far as it depends on us, let's do our best to offer life givingservices and experiences.