Characteristics of an Effective Worship Team Member Part 2


Here are a few more qualities of an effective worship team member (Continued from "Characteristics of an Effective Worship Team Member Part 1"). 

Effective worship team members will be expressive, both physically and with words.  Components of effective stage presence on the worship team includes utilizing the space around you to move (i.e. do not be stationary), lifting your hands, clapping, creating movement and energy, smiling, and keeping your eyes open.  Don't be the worship team member that plants their feet and clenches their eyes closed. 

"Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will    praise him again--my Savior and my God!” (Psalm 43:5)

Team Player
We are drawing attention to how good God is, not how good we are.  There is now place for rock star worship team members or those who are simply on the team to show off their skills.  The band, singers, technical crew, ushers, greeters, worship hosts, along with all the other volunteers are working together to create an experience that draws people into the presence of God. 

Strong Communication Skills
There's nothing worse than someone who is on the team but doesn't want to be there.  Personality conflicts and other issues are real and need to be addressed in the correct manner.  Are you a person who can communicate clearly to your leaders?  Or do you hold offenses inside, or worse, vent to those around you?  Work to develop the capacity to be a part of the solution, instead of part of the problem. 

Being on time shows concern and thought for others.  Lateness is not a personality issue, it's a time management problem.  The best worship team members are the ones that show up early so that they're ready to start on time. 

Musically speaking it's best to come to practice with your songs/parts learned, not to learn your parts. Spiritual preparation is also essential to the effectiveness of your ministry.  Pray over the songs, pray over the members of your team, pray that God would use you mightily on stage and off stage. 

Church is not meant to be endured. As we celebrate the new life that God has given us, we should smile, laugh, and enjoy each other.  Schedule time for your team to have fun together.  A team that plays together is more effective. 

I don't believe that God calls a person to a ministry for all time.  In other words, we should be seeking the Lord for His plan for which ministries we should give our time to.  Just because you've served in the worship choir for 20 years doesn't necessarily mean that it's God's plan for you to serve in the worship choir for the next 20 years.  Perhaps it's time to ask God where you will be the most effective, or where He wants to lead you.  

All In
Life and ministry are full of change.  As the Lord speaks to your pastor or worship pastor, it's very likely that change will take place in your church or ministry.  A couple questions to ask as you seek to serve the Lord:
Can you be supportive of your worship pastor?
-Are you supportive of the vision of the church?
-Can you get behind your lead pastor?  (After all, you’re there to serve his vision.)
-Are you supporting the church financially?

I love the church. I love that people come together with their differing personalities and gifts with the goal of reaching our world for Jesus.  In this post and the one before it, we've explored differing qualities of effective worship team members.  This list is definitely not comprehensive, and there are other qualities that you may add.  Let's continue to let Jesus work in our hearts and in our lives to make us more effective for His glory!